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Specialist Virtual Assistants Club
"Where virtual staff meet virtual employers"

Specialist Virtual Assistants Club has been recently established and is committed to filling the professional virtual services gap on the Internet as a portal bringing together professional virtual assistants for serving virtual employers both individually and in coordination.

SVAClub is founded under the umbrella of Point Co., has been active in the engineering field since 1977. As part of our activities, we used to need subcontractors or part-time employees for completing various tasks. Similarly, we had served many other companies as a service provider on tasks for which our office personnel had professional qualifications. In the early 1990's, we made our first agreement as a "Virtual Service Provider" with an International translation company on engineering translations. In later stages, with the further development of the Internet, we have started concentrating on "Virtual Business" where we can both hire assistants for our tasks and serve other companies that need our services electronically. Knowing the fact that most of our business will shift into the cyber world in the near future and after considerable experience acting both as a virtual assistant and a virtual employer in various fields ranging from engineering to programming, from translation to presentations, we investigated how we could expand our horizons through the Internet. As part of these efforts, we noticed that there is a real gap in virtual services, especially in the engineering discipline. Finally, we have decided to initiate a club where virtual staff could meet virtual employers professionally. That is why the name of our club contains "specialist". Furthermore, the SVAClub Web site was also put together by the aid of several "Specialist Virtual Assistants" in Web and animated gif design, translation and presentation.

We all buy products and/or services physically, which requires direct contact with the suppliers. As the Internet grew, our "shopping" routine started to change from physical to cyber.

First born as buying products on the Internet and now expanding into buying services which mostly relate to "business to business", the Internet and e-commerce are currently growing by 200% each quarter. There will be a 2000 % increase in e-commerce revenues on the Internet in the next 18 Months. According to latest statistics, 32 million households now have home-based businesses and that number grows every day. Consumers worldwide are spending 6.6 billion U.S. dollars a year in transactions over the Internet. In the past 14 years alone, the numbers of home-based businesses has grown from 6 million to 32 million with no slow - down in sight. In fact, an estimated 8,493 new home businesses open every day. It has been predicted that up to 32 billion US dollars will change hands through online business transactions by the end of 2000.

Although the Internet, e-commerce, e-job, e-business and e-.... are growing so fast, buying products or services on the Internet is a new experience for most people and organizations. You don't see the supplier's building, physical storefront or office and you can't look into their eyes or hold a product. Because of the somewhat insecure nature of the Internet and customer habits, there are some difficulties with e-business. There are also different challenges involved in handling virtual service e-commerce compared to product e-commerce.

Products are physical things you can touch after you buy, services are not. Someone may evaluate and more or less classify the quality of goods, but it's harder to do the same for services. When you buy products, the price versus quality criteria ("bang for the buck") are relatively straightforward. When you purchase services, this evaluation is harder.

So, in order to establish an optimal environment for the trading of "Virtual Services", we have to generate a scheme in which both parties will have 100% satisfaction as every person or organization tries to maximize their efficiency and profit during such "shopping".

As our main consideration is the "services", furthermore "virtual services" which can be rendered electronically and supplied over the Internet, both the buyers' and the sellers' confidence in this business is very important. This confidence is achieved by first establishing mutual trust and an understanding that both parties will practice proper business ethics. There are further main criteria in virtual services such as task cost, quality and completion time. The relative priority of these are determined by the parties on a case by case basis.

Finally, the best environment is achieved if and only if both parties have a professional profile in the field of their activity. Our commitment is to grow our club by accepting only "Specialist Virtual Assistants" and by keeping track of performance to end up with real professionals. The same applies to virtual employers and we shall evaluate all feedback on virtual employers as well as on our members and eventually filter out all non-professional individuals or organizations from our content.

We know that establishing such a club and such a "clean" database will take some time, but this is our commitment.

Virtually yours,

The Team


Specialist Virtual Assistants Club

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