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Welcome to Specialist Virtual Assistants Club

"Where virtual staff meet virtual employers"

SVAClub is designed for serving both VA's and VE's. Our main goal is to become a meeting point for both, ensuring 100% reliability and customer satisfaction. If you are new to the concept please read the Terminology.

Almost all businesses need external support to complete certain tasks. These may vary from engineering drawings to preparation of spreadsheet templates, translation to multimedia presentation, etc.. Depending on the nature of such tasks, they sometimes hire people or find a subcontractor -- usually located in the same area or city as their office limiting their options. This sometimes causes high costs and low quality/efficiency.

Thanks to the Internet, we can now break those borders and bring together SVA's and VE's to complete various tasks much more efficiently and profitably for both parties. The only limitation is establishing mutual financial assurance. We need to address questions in people's minds such as "I have paid the fee, will I get my work done on time?", or "I have completed and submitted the task on time, will I receive my payment?". This is why we have established some rules which we believe will benefit both parties.

What Do We Offer ?

As a referral services web site, we have concentrated on categories listed below explained further in Main Categories. These Main Categories are further divided into sub-categories. If your task falls into one of the categories below, you may simply select that link and proceed to find a suitable SVA for your task. If you would like to see main and sub-categories all together then please visit All Categories. Alternatively, you may Contact Us for further assistance and guidance for FREE. We are willing to share our considerable experience and reputation to guide you to the right SVA for your task.

Engineering, Drafting, Detailing

Software Development

2D - 3D Graphics, Multimedia


Word Processing, DB Management, Other Office Utilities
Service Agents and Offices AbroadNEW !
AdvisorsNEW !

Keep in Touch
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If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us. Your feedback is highly appreciated...

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Specialist Virtual Assistants Club

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